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Commerce Economic Review

10/20/2008 - Department of Commerce review of the PEW economic Report

From the 20th U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Meeting

August 2008 - CNMI Testimony Opposing Proposal to Establish a National Marine Monument in the Mariana Islands


From the Washington Post

11/04/2008 - Bush Ocean Plan is Critized: Cheney Among Those Objecting Because of Economics

From the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council

3/21/2008 - Press Release: Federal Fishery managers hear CNMI Opposition to Marine Monument Proposal

From Pacific Islands Fishery News - Monument Proposals May Impact US Fishing Grounds

10/24/2008 - Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council member comments about Pacific Monuments

From Islands Business Magazine

10/23/2008 - Fishermen say no to Marianas monument

November 2008 - Politics/CNMI: Debate Rages Over Monument Plan

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